Weight Lifting Get stronger, leaner and feel better!

Who wants a FIT BODY?! EVERYBODY! When do you want it! NOW! Where you gonna get it?! BODYFIT! Yayyyy!

Bodyfit offers a huge variety of training sessions to help you get your sexy ass where you want it to be. Bodyfit sessions focus primarily on a combination of lifting weights and killer cardio circuits. What do you want? To get lean and ripped? To be muscular and cut? To maintain what you’ve got going on? To make weightlifting gains? To improve your cardio game? To do sports conditioning? No matter what it is that you are wanting, we have sessions that will help you get there. Lifting weights, both light and heavy, will help you develop lean muscle, increase your metabolic rate, and burn fat.

  • Bring it to Bodyfit Strength and Conditioning classes for weightlifting AND cardio to maximize the effects of your workout.
  • Bodyfit Advanced HIST (High Intensity Strength Training) offers a faster pace and less time for instruction; come to this class if you already know all the exercises, you just need someone to kick your ass!
  • Bodyfit HIIT and Lunch HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) will give you the intense cardio routine you love/hate; come to a 30-minute lunch sesh or in the evening!
  • Safety first! Learn safe technique and form at Bodyfit Technique; the only way to get stronger without getting hurt is to learn and maintain proper form. This is a great class for beginners as well as experienced lifters.
  • Do you hate cardio? Think running is a stupid sport? Just want to make gains and get strooooooong? Strength Training is for you. NO cardio bunnies here! Just focus on getting stronger!
  • Olympics all year?! Olympic Lifting focuses on - you guessed it - OLYMPIC LIFTS: clean, snatch, jerk, overhead squat, etc.

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