Kickboxing Are you up for the challenge?


Bodyfit kickboxing classes are a jab-jab-hook to your cardiovascular health. Whether you are looking for a workout to improve your strength and cardio, or you are trying to learn the art of self-defense, our kickboxing classes will empower you to move throughout life with the confidence and inner strength of an urban warrior. Come face to face with professionals in combat sports and be prepared to face off with a diverse group of kickass ladies and gents so you can kick, punch, and sweat your way to awesome.

Get in here and try out HIITboxing if you are interested in some intense cardio while beating up on some heavy bags, Kickboxing with Sparring if you are interested in practicing actual hand-to-hand combat with boxing gloves, and Kickboxing if you want to learn and practice punch and kick combinations with a partner using Thai pads and focus mitts. Whichever class you choose, bring your boxing gloves and get ready to GO.

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