Stefaan Jefferson Personal Trainer


“Be Active” is the phrase I live by. At an early age I was diagnosed with a hip disorder called Leg Perthes. It required me to wear leg braces 24 hours a day to help correct my disorder. After six years of wearing my braces, I was cleared to roam the world with no limitations. During the entire time I had to wear braces, my parents made sure I was in every activity that I wanted to be involved with. They never gave me any sense that I had a disadvantage compared to the rest of the kids. Of course I knew I wore braces and they didn’t, but other than that I was never aware that I had a “disadvantage.”  My parents helped cultivate a mindset that I could overcome any obstacle.  It has allowed me to have a great appreciation for being active and remaining active. I can relate to any person who has overcome an obstacle in their life.

While overcoming my hip disorder, I showed a passion for team sports and anything that dealt with a ball. After playing baseball at a junior college, I ventured into outdoor sports and Yoga. At this point in my life, I am constantly pushing my body and aspiring to be the most well-rounded athlete I can be. I am constantly rock climbing, practicing yoga, hiking, running, snowboarding, playing team sports, longboarding, slacklining, and I have recently started practicing jiu-jitsu.

My goal in life is to share my passion for health and fitness with as many people as possible. I have been lucky enough to go on many fitness journeys with my clients while  seeing them achieve their goals. I have experience training a large, diverse group of people of every size, shape, and fitness level. I want to see you achieve your goals as badly as you want to reach them.  I am excited to continue helping people reach their goals, while cultivating a healthy lifestyle. BE ACTIVE!!