Kansas City’s First Green Gym

BodyFit Personal Training and Fitness Classes

Welcome to Bodyfit! We are Kansas City’s first green gym. Our eco-friendly facility is completely solar-powered!. We are housed in a historic 100 year old building that started out as the South Side Bank of Kansas City back in 1918. Now this repurposed building is our gym, but there’s still a really cool vault! (We keep dumbells in there instead of money though.)

Bodyfit offers Weightlifting, Olympic Lifting and Metabolic Conditioning on the ground floor looking out onto main street, and even more cool programs like Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, Kickboxing and HIIT up on our top floor. We have a fully packed schedule with group sessions all the way from before the sun comes up, ‘til late in the evening, and weekends

We’re proud to have a team of expert instructors who are each dedicated to educating themselves on the most current science behind each practice that is available at Bodyfit, and passing all their knowledge to our members, also known as the Bodyfit Fam. The Bodyfit community invites all athletes to participate in a variety of training sessions. We strive to be an inclusive community where everyone feels at home.

Why chooseBodyfit!

BodyFit Fitness Boxing Classes, Aerobic Martial ArtsThe Bodyfit facility offers an incomparable fitness experience, providing a comfortable and hospitable space for every visitor. Guests will find an environment that is uniquely focused on making the training experience as enjoyable as possible. Bodyfit knows reaching fitness goals can be a difficult task, and will strive to offer the kind of space that is at once relaxing and motivational. The positive and uplifting staff will encourage guests to push above and beyond their perceived limits in order to reach their physical, mental, and spiritual potential.

Our mission at Bodyfit is to forge well-rounded athletes that excel in general fitness. We utilize a training philosophy that encompasses a wide range of athletic endeavors, appeals to athletes with diverse interests, and shapes athletes by using functional movements that will improve overall fitness and performance in any sport or activity. Training exercises are borrowed from a variety of sports and activities so athletes are physically and mentally prepared for any life situation. Bodyfit’s training programs are designed to combat a typical inactive lifestyle and transform each member into a healthier, happier, and sexier human being.

What Bodyfit Kansas City Gym Offers!